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How to communicate with the Electrolux Services Division and production guarantee terms

In this article we will discuss the terms of the product warranty and  how to contact the Electrolux  Services Center. Yes, Electrolux itself is the international company This is a company that is an international company that produces a wide range of electronic products originating from Sweden.

Because this company targets the upper middle class, its products have unaffordable prices, but in terms of quality, they are real The company, which originated in Sweden, has been founded since 1919 and continues to this day.

Even today, Electrolux AB has exported its products in more than 150 countries, in the category of the second-largest domestic electronics manufacturer after Wellpool Electrolux is also the type, and the Electrolux Service center can also be accessed for 24 hours so that if there are problems or questions about the product, you can answer it immediately.

What is interesting about its products is that they are not only in a truly quality, sophisticated and sophisticated way, but alsoenvironmental, climate and design Not surprisingly, these items are really popular with the upper middle class because they are so helpful to domestic activities.

About products offered with the company

Electrolux itself is said to be one of the global household appliance companies that sell even more than 40 million products annually so far. Millions of people have reached 150 countries, where products are also easily accessible to innovation and electric services  center services.

As a brand of household appliances known in various countries, Electrolux eats a variety of household items each year. According to the letter, it is highly recommended for the long term that the products of this company need to be financed only initially because they can last for a longer or longer period of time.

It varies greatly from refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, ovens and many other items, even to coffee manufacturers that make this coffee producer from Electrolux.

Additionally, if you encounter problems with purchased items, you need to contact the Electrolux Services Center. Household goods that consumers truly love: Electrolux precursors, for example, the latest product, EWF 8005.

Up to 70% of electricity can be saved in front of an electric face loaded with 8,005 EWF. It is said to allow excellent clothes to be washed, even to maintain color, and the panels are also so simple that they are too complex but do not cause trouble for the user.

In addition to the washing machine , this product also has the latest product you consider to be an electrolux refrigerator, which you consider to have a simple, small shape. Therefore, the energy itself is very recommended for personal use of only 46 liters, and the electricity needed is very small, with only 50 pigs.

Product guarantee from Electrolux, Syara t and Ke ttuannya

If you are in trouble or have things you would like to ask about the product, the Electric Services Department serves customers for a period of time, but before that you can visit the Electric Indonesian website www.electrolux.co.id.

If you would like to ask for garage products and their terms, you should first search from the Web site, where this household appliance company provides a long but different amount of insurance coverage in each item you purchase.

For example, for all the front opening washers that can guarantee up to 2 years, the front opening with ice gram compressors, motors, and calculated since the date of purchase There is even a 10-year warranty for all washing machine tubes. The record can show the Electrolux technician the income to be purchased and the original insurance card.

If elsewhere or other technicians have been modified, be sure to buy from the electrolytes market because the warranty will be cancelled, and never replace the original spare parts of the electrolytes product.

For more information about the garage, please contact the Electronic Services Department.  From the cases, electrolytes can itself be contacted in a variety of ways, so if the website does not find the answer, you can contact the service department directly.

Contacting Service center Via Hotline

If you have questions or obstacles that you would like to share, you can contact the above-mentioned electrical Indonesian website www.electrolux.co.id Through the official electrolyte website, you can find a variety of information about the products and promote them to interesting events.

However, if you are not yet satisfied with the information you see on the official website page, you can click on the option to contact us. Cotin Electrolux, number 480 41119, will be directed at a decisive rate throughout Indonesia, 450 R.

If you have a problem with the Hotline service or Electrolux service department over the telephone  , you can have a two-way conversation so that you can resolve it immediately. If you have any urgent questions or complaints, you can call the hotline number.

Communicating with email and WorkSafe via service department

If you don’t want to spend money, SMS, You can submit complaints or questions via WhatsApp or email. For customer care SMS services, 081 1833 Call 9777, but make sure to contact active days or during working hours at 08.30 on Monday to 08.30 and 16.30.

You can then make SMS for customer care from 08.30 to 13.30 for Saturday. Not only can you send SMS but you can also send messages via the WhatsApp application chatroom and reply within the hours listed above.

You can also contact the Electrolux Services Center using customer care email services.customercare@electrolucx.co.id Customer Care You can  also contact  using  email services. Not only are some complaints and questions submitted, but repair services are also available by contacting customer care Yes, it is possible.

Even in this field of household devices, @Electroluxindonesia Instagr @Electroluxindonesia am: YouTube: Electrolux Indones There are also social media accounts, such as Twitter: @ElectroluxID, so you can’t send e-mail or SMS and WhatsApp.

You can also make direct messages on Electrolux’s official social media accounts.Subsequently miss the latest products from Electrolux The latest information about products is also available on these lists, and electronics are very helpful to housework.

Kitchen products can be obtainedfrom an open kitchen of rice-cooking rice cooker Pimang Dorotti and other ingredients. There are also items, which make it easier for modern housewives, and if you have lots of questions about the product, you can also easily access Electric Services Services stations.

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